Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas

A smart move when making additions to your home is to think of how these additions will be used. Bonus points for things you could get multiple uses for, like the best coffee wine bar ideas. Is it just for coffee or wine? No, it’s for both!

The best coffee wine bar ideas help us have a section in our homes dedicated to the things we love, coffee and wine. Coffee Bar Ideas | Coffee Station Ideas | DIY Coffee Station | Coffee Lover Ideas | Wine Bar Ideas | Tips for Wine Bars | DIY Wine Bar | Wine Bar Essentials | Coffee Bar Essentials | Wine Lover DIY Projects

The best coffee wine bar ideas help us have a section in our homes dedicated to the things we love. We all use each room in our homes in many ways. For example, the dining room is not just for dining; the living room is for more than just relaxing, and so on.

We get the most out of each room in our homes because we live there. But also because it is cost-effective. No one wants to add a room to their homes just for reading a book, just like we don’t like to add a bar to our homes just for coffee.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas a Cup of Coffee on a Saucer Plate Sitting on a Open Magazine Next to a Small Pot of Flowers

Instead, we can give that bar multiple purposes for being there. Let’s think about making a coffee bar and a coffee and wine bar. This way, we have a place to turn to in the mornings for a cup of energy before heading out.

But we also have a place to go to for unwinding at the end of the day. The best coffee wine bar ideas help us blend those two ideas into one stunning addition to your home.

You may have already started considering a coffee station idea in your home. Maybe you’ve even thought about adding a wine bar instead. But combining them is going to be easier than you may think.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas a Bottle of Dessert Wine Sitting Next to a Loaf of Bread on a Counter

This addition to your home can easily be a DIY project that anyone can do. Start with the design ideas that work for what you’ve already got set up in your home. For example, your bar should be farmhouse style if the rest of your home is.

A modern home design would benefit more from a modern coffee station. But style isn’t the only thing that needs to be considered. Location makes a big difference, especially for smaller spaces.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Close Up of Coffee Beans

The beautiful thing about coffee wine bars is that they don’t have to be in the kitchen, especially if it’s a small kitchen. However, it might be viable if you have open shelving in your kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen coffee bar makes sense, but it’s not a great idea if it will get in the way of the other uses of the kitchen. A great way to determine where your coffee wine bar should go is to consider where your morning routine path meets your entertaining locations.

You want to place the bar in a spot where you will have easy access in the morning but also easy access while entertaining guests.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Close Up of a Cup of Coffee That Says Coffee on it Sitting on a Black and White Striped Towel

​Repurposed Furniture

The next step is determining what you will use as your bar. You may think you have to insert a full bar like those found in a bar. You could do as little as adding a coffee cart to any room in your house.

The best coffee wine bar ideas will take things up a notch. But there’s no need to stress about going into a complete remodel of any room in your home. Instead, try finding old furniture that you could repurpose, like an armoire or a hutch.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Close Up of Grapes Still on a Vine for Red Wine

Repurposing this furniture will require some work, but the result is stunning. You could build a coffee bar cabinet that hides the bar away when it is not in use. Another approach would be to make it stand out more like a focal point in a room.

You could even change the doors on the cabinet to reflect your unique style; change the swinging cabinet doors with barn-style doors or sliding doors that slide out to the sides. The possibilities are endless.

A coffee cabinet may be too much for your own kitchen based on the kitchen design. But let’s remember that a great place for this project isn’t just the kitchen. The perfect place is where it fits in nicely.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas a Cup of Coffee on a Small Saucer Surrounded By Coffee Beans and a Spoon of Sugar Hovering Above it

Coffee Essentials

Designing a coffee bar is one thing, but it is crucial to remember what you will need at that bar to make the coffee. This will help you decide how big your coffee bar needs to be. Important side note: These are the best coffee wine bar ideas, which means you need enough space for both coffee and wine essentials.

Start with the coffee because you will need more for a great cup of joe. The coffee maker is an obvious necessity. But you will also want plenty of room to store coffee cups, coffee beans, maybe your favorite coffee mugs, and sweeteners if you don’t enjoy your coffee black.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Close Up of a Clear Glass Filled with Coffee Beans Spilling Over

You could take things to the next level and add an espresso machine or tea bags to have yet another use for this space in an empty corner. One of the easiest and most creative ways to enhance the appearance of your bar is to use base cabinets so everything has a dedicated space.

You could also use mug racks to increase the height of your bar. You may also need some dairy in your coffee; if so, a good idea would be to add a mini fridge to the bar to store your coffee supplies with dairy for your perfect cup of coffee.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Close Up of a Bottle of Red Wine Being Poured into a Glass

Wine Bar Essentials

The best coffee wine bar ideas help inspire us so we don’t make rookie mistakes. Coffee lovers may already be sold on the idea of having a dedicated coffee station.

But we want to add more uses to this little space, which means adding another use, like a wine bar. A wine bar is nice because you don’t have to rely on plumbing; there is no wet bar or bar sink here.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Close Up of a Wine Glass Spilled Over with Corks Inside

Instead, you just need to set your bar near an outlet for the coffee machine(s). You may also require that outlet for a wine fridge that will most likely be at the bottom of your bar.

A built-in cabinet will be essential for storing red wine in a cool, dark place. Red wine doesn’t enjoy natural light. Unfortunately, this means we will lose out on the bar cart idea.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Close Up of a Glass of Red Wine Next to a Bottle of Red wine

But the justification is that the extra time spent on this project makes it even more helpful. You will also want a nice place to store your wine glasses. You can use a wine rack inside a cabinet or a slider situation.

Lastly, you will need a place to store the corkscrews and an aerator. This coffee/wine station will be a wine and coffee haven, maybe even the heart of the home.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas a Cup of Coffee Splashing Out Onto a Wooden Surface in a Kitchen

Coffee Storage Solutions

We have the wine fridges and cabinets to help store our wine glasses; that’s the only storage wine needs. But coffee is more outwardly stored. We often have a coffee machine in clear sight in a makeshift mini coffee station.

But you will need a lot more to make a morning coffee or your favorite cup of joe. Glass jars are perfect storage solutions for those coffee beans or coffee grounds. You can also use glass jars to help store coffee stir sticks or filters.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas a Cup of Coffee on a Serving Tray with Fall Leaves and a Book Underneath

Of course, glass jars are better for a modern design. Rustic storage ideas include older coffee cans that have been cleaned and prepped for storage or wooden jars that would fit better.

Consider using teak wood containers if you want a more farm-style look. Check your local thrift store for supplies or a coffee shop that may serve as inspiration.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Close Up of a Corkscrew and a Pile of Corks on a White Surface

Decorating a Coffee Wine Bar

A lot of the supplies you use will serve as decor as well. A hutch with rustic storage containers and wine-glass sliders will look amazing. However, adding a few small touches can take things even further.

DIY signage would look fantastic and serve as a heads-up to guests that this is where the coffee can be found. This DIY project will also let you use whatever colors you want.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas a Coffee Mug Spilled Over on a Black Surface of Coffee Beans

You can go with something neutral or make it more prominent, like a maroon color, to indicate the colors of coffee and wine. Plants would be another fun way to liven up the bar.

You could have plants hanging around the bar area or simply use small vases of flowers to add some color. The best coffee wine bar ideas are to make it your own and add your unique style and tastes everywhere possible.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Close Up of a Bottle of Wine On Canvas Next to Corks

Floating Shelves for Bars

A coffee wine bar is something not every home has in the layout. Some spaces may seem too small for a full wine bar with a coffee station. But that’s when we start thinking outside of the box.

Instead of looking for storage solutions that take up more space width-wise, why not build upward? Floating shelves can make a huge difference for those in smaller spaces.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas a Person Writing in a Small Notepad Next to a Cup of Coffee on a Wooden Table

You can use a small bar cart as the base for everything you will need to make your morning coffee or pour a nice glass of wine. Then, use floating shelves above the cart to store the accessories in any configuration you like.

You can also use those shelves to add decor to the area, like small plants, signage, or lighting. Just remember that building left to right is only one option among many.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Close Up of White Wine Grapes Still on a Vine

Glass Variety for Bars

This coffee wine bar is the perfect spot to store a variety of glasses for different purposes. For example, wine glasses can come with a stem or be stemless. There’s no need to stick to just one type of wine glass.

You don’t have to stick to coffee mugs for your coffee. Having a variety of glassware will help add depth to your bar. Not to mention, stemless glasses are great for reds but not so much for whites.

You may need a variety to enjoy the different wines you have on hand. It is almost a necessity. Either way, put the glasses on display to get a classier and luxurious look.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Close Up of White Wine Being Poured into a Glass

Budgeting for a Wine Bar

The budget is at the forefront of everyone’s mind before a project like this one. You want to know how much this will cost and if it is something you can afford to do right now.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind: This bar can be traveled with you. The best coffee wine bar ideas don’t all have to happen simultaneously. Instead, you can do a little at a time.

Best Coffee Wine Bar Ideas Two Bottles of Wine Next to a Small Wire Basket with Corks Inside

Maybe your coffee wine bar will start as a simple coffee station. You can add bits and pieces to make it serve as a wine bar. The project will have some more significant, costly pieces, but those can be the first things you purchase so that everything else falls into place afterward. 

The best coffee wine bar ideas help us have a section in our homes dedicated to the things we love, coffee and wine. Coffee Bar Ideas | Coffee Station Ideas | DIY Coffee Station | Coffee Lover Ideas | Wine Bar Ideas | Tips for Wine Bars | DIY Wine Bar | Wine Bar Essentials | Coffee Bar Essentials | Wine Lover DIY Projects

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